Kickstart Your Staffing Sales

10 Ways to Kickstart Your Staffing Sales

Download our complimentary whitepaper with proven methods to increase your staffing sales.

How to Hire Better Salespeople

How to Hire Better Salespeople

Download our free Quick Guide with 5 Things to Do Before Posting the Job for a staffing sales rep.

Weekly Activity Planner

Staffing Sales Weekly Activity Planner

A quick and easy way to track your sales activities and meet your sales goals!


Staffing Sales Goals Worksheet

Set meaningful metrics for your sales team. Work backwards from GP or revenue goals to set activities, appointments, and deal quotas.

Orientation Schedule for Staffing Salespeople

Help your new sales rep adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.


Orientation Schedule for Staffing Recruiters

Help your new recruiter adjust to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.


Cracking the Recruiter Code

What makes a high-performing recruiter? Download our free infographic to uncover the traits of A-players in the industry.

Career Development Checklist – Pathway to Recruiter

Retain entry-level staff and fill recruiter positions in days not months. Customize this checklist for entry-level recruiting staff to develop the skills and experience to be ready for the next recruiter position.

Winning the Staffing Sales Game:

The Definitive Game Plan for Sales Success in the Staffing Industry

Sales is harder now than ever before.

Your prospects aren’t answering the phone or calling you back, there is more competition than ever, and you just seem to be running up against one brick wall after another. In this 100-page quick read, staffing sales expert Tom Erb explains why sales has become increasingly more difficult, the key mistakes that most staffing sales reps are making, and details a systematic sales process that is proven to get more appointments and land more new business in the staffing industry.

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